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Capital District Paralegal Association, Inc.

Jean Gerhard, ESAPA Primary Delegate
Laurene Smith, RP, NYSCP, ESAPA Secondary Delegate
Jennifer Tromblee, CP, NYSCP, CDPA President
New York City Paralegal Association, Inc.

Mary S. Andriani, ESAPA Primary Delegate
William Strachan, ESAPA Secondary Delegate
Holly A. Sheriff, MSLS, NYCPA President

Paralegal Association of Rochester, Inc.

Anne Marie Short, NYSCP®, ESAPA Primary Delegate
Tonya Moore, NYSCP®, ESAPA Secondary Delegate
Marie Bray, NYSCP®, PAR President
Western New York Paralegal Association, Inc.

Colleen McMahon, ESAPA Primary Delegate
Jennifer Morgan, ESAPA Secondary Delegate
Kristen Kowalski, WNYPA President