New York State Certified Paralegals

Congratulations to our newest New York State Certified Paralegals:

Angelica Duran, NYSCP®

Annaliesse Guerrero, NYSCP®

Wendy Heintz, NYSCP®

David Mcleod, NYSCP®

Richaelle Rey, NYSCP®

Tami Sprague, NYSCP®

Current New York State Certified Paralegals:

John Acquaviva, NYSCP®, AACP, Pa.C.P.

Vicky L. Adams, NYSCP®

Sharon Ayres, NYSCP®

Pamela Sue Bass, NYSCP®

Dina Beaudette, NYSCP®

Marie Bray, NYSCP®

Nicole Burroughs, NYSCP®

Erika Bush, NYSCP®

Danielle L. Calvo, NYSCP®

Aimee E. Christman, NYSCP®

Maria S. Clearwater, NYSCP®

Anne R. Conti, NYSCP®

Sophie V. Cusimano, NYSCP®

Carrie Cutter, NYSCP®

Caren Dake, NYSCP®

Deborah DeJonge, RP®, NYSCP®

Jo Ann DeLorme, NYSCP®

Valerie Denney, NYSCP®

Angelica Duran, NYSCP®

Annalee Findley, NYSCP®

JP Fountain, RP®, NYSCP®

Mariana Fradman, NYSCP®

Gail Galfo, NYSCP®

Annaliesse Guerrero, NYSCP®

Jane Gorski, NYSCP®

Wendy Heintz, NYSCP®

Marina Heppner, NYSCP®

Heather E. Hughes, NYSCP®

Kathleen M. Johnson, NYSCP®

Nancy Kane, NYSCP®    

Patricia Logan, NYSCP®

Lisa Mazur, NYSCP®

David Mcleod, NYSCP®

Sharon Merrell, NYSCP®

Andrea M. Michalski, NYSCP®

Allyssa Moody, RP®, NYSCP®

Tonya Moore, NYSCP®

Janice Moscicki, NYSCP®

Maileen Murray-Chapparro, NYSCP®

Vanessa Nargentino, NYSCP®

Georgia Ognibene, NYSCP®

Kerri Painting, NYSCP®

Nicole A. Place, NYSCP®

Shannon M. Portela, NYSCP®

Lauren Anne Predmore, NYSCP®

Richaelle Rey, NYSCP®

Jaime Richards, NYSCP®  

Lissette Rivera, NYSCP®

Naomi A. Romano, NYSCP®

Sue Ann Sarra, NYSCP®

Karen Satterlee, RP®, NYSCP®

Stefany Schaefer, NYSCP®

Yvonne Shippee, NYSCP®

Anne Marie Short, NYSCP®

Laurene A. Smith, NYSCP®

Tami Sprague, NYSCP®

Bruce A. Stahl, NYSCP®

Jennifer M. Tromblee, ACP, NYSCP®

Karen Turner, NYSCP® 

Susan Wallin, NYSCP® 

Reagan Weinhart, NYSCP®

Shannon Wickenden, NYSCP®

Lynda Wilcox, NYSCP®

Tracey L. Young, RP®, NYSCP®

NYSCP® is a registered trademark of the Empire State Alliance of Paralegals, Inc.